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Art Line is one of the top companies in the Exhibitions and Conferences’ organization field in Egyptian and international market. We have the ISO 9001 that attests to our dedication to providing the highest quality of Exhibitions, and that is what differentiates us from several companies working in our field.


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In addition, most of our exhibitions are recognized internationally through official international organizations that are dedicated to the exhibitions industry in Egypt. For instance, Cairo International Motor Show (Automech Formula) is the only show recognized annually by the OICA (The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers) in Egypt, Middle East & Africa and marked by UFI as an operative member of the Global Association of The Exhibition Industry.

Art Line has achieved a lot of successes since its establishment in 1978 and organized a series of distinct exhibitions and conferences. Our top held exhibitions and events are:

  • Cairo International Motor Show (Automech Formula) Since 1991.
  • MS Africa & Middle East – The International Trade Fair for Stone, Design, Technology, Earthmoving and Building Machinery in Cairo(2015 – 2016)
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  • Egypt International Boat Show since 2007.
  • Egypt International Holiday Show.
  • Automechanika Africa 2001,2003.
  • Electrix Sudan.
  • Electrix Syria.
  • The Employer’s Middle Management Employment Fair.
  • The Employer’s Employment Fair (for fresh graduates and candidates with less than 5 years experience).
  • Businessman.
  • Zone (Kitchens and Bathrooms) -1993 , 1994 ,1995.
  • Windoor (Doors and Windows)- 1993 , 1994 ,1995.
  • Arab Auto Conference since 1997.
  • Safety on Road Conference
  • OICA General Assembly meeting in Cairo (1998 and 2007)
  • Shopping and Tourism Festival since 1999.
  • SyrAuto Exhibition – 2001 , 2003.
  • Arab AutoTech 1999.

In Art Line, we are extremely committed to give the best service to our clients and those who are interested in our activities.


Ahmed Allam


Art Line for Organizing International Exhibitions and Conferences (S.A.E.)

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